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Enlightening Minds

Reyes Ramirez and Susan Madsen, past guest speakers of Snow’s Convocations. Photo Courtsey of and

Held in the concert hall of the Eccles Center, convocations are a way for students to learn about multiple areas of interests from featured guest speakers. Convocations are free for anyone who would like to come and attend a lecture or presentation, and are held on Thursdays from 12:30pm - 1:20pm.

A recent convocation about the Utah Women & Leadership Project that featured Susan Madsen, discussed the importance of women in leadership positions and their influence in business, education, government, politics, and communities. Susan says, “The research is clear, that things change when you have more equal numbers of men and women working together.” Susan spoke to the Snow community on September 29th.

Reyes Ramirez, writer, educator, curator, and organizer spoke about the art of process and writing. While explaining the process, Ramirez said that, “the process of writing or the process of doing something changes you,” in which he used to help showcase his recent work ‘The Book of Wanderers’ (a collection of short stories). Reyes spoke to the Snow community on October 6th.

October’s upcoming convocations are as follows: Darren Parry, Former Chairman of the Shoshone Nation (Oct. 20), and Geoffrey Thomas, Assistant Professor, Idaho State University (Oct. 27).

November convocations feature: Michael Branch, Foundation Professor and Professor of Literature and Environment, University of Nevada, Reno (Nov.3), Satya Sundar Sethy, Professor, Dept of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (Nov. 10), and Cynthia Kimball Davis, SUU's Director of K-12 Programs and Assistant Professor (Nov. 17).

December’s convocation will be presented by Sheryl Bodrero, Professor of Foreign Languages, Snow College (Dec. 1).

For more information about convocations and where to view them, visit the snow college website or WATCHit Snow College, on youtube.

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