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  • Sandra Cox

Geocaching Around Snow College

Brooklyn Atkinson, Marylee Giddings, and Julie Wells exploring the many Geocaches hidden in Ephraim. Photo by Marylee Giddings

Feeling bored? Grab a friend and go geocaching! Geocaching is a free and fun activity that any Badger can do, and has a community all over the world. First, get the Geocaching app on the app store for any phone. On the map there are numerous green dots called “geocaches.” These geocaches can include anything from a name log to little toys that can be traded out for the next adventurers. Geocaches are all over sanpete county, even only a couple miles away. Badger Anthony Knowles says, “It's really fun when you have a lot of people with you. It makes you think and use the clues that they give you. I love it because I find really cool stuff in them sometimes and there are logs you get to sign”. When finding a geocache, log it on the app! Then, make sure to leave it where it can be found for the next people. Geocaching can be done anytime, so grab a friend and go geocaching.


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