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Get to Know Snow by Social Media

Snowdrift staff, Giovanni Boyta, browsing the new Snow College News website.


Looking for life, activities, ideas, and more? Check out Snow on Social media.

An effective way to keep up to date on Snow college life and activities is certainly by following Snow College on social media. It’s a way to pick up on what students are doing, find new ideas, or see captured memories with fellow badgers.

Snow is on several social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have consistent feeds so students can keep up to date with whichever they choose. Additionally, Snow started TikTok last year, a way to have close engagement with fellow badgers.

Max Catmull, freshman, said, “I liked the editing on the TikToks, it’s simple but it looks great.”

Having faculty, staff, and students behind several of the school’s social media platforms, there’s a lot of care the department puts into it all.

There are multiple ways Snow captures college life and shares it through their social media. It’s not just the photo and video, but time, place, and style that play a big role. Event recaps or montages are a way Snow captures the feel and vibe of an event. In-the-moment shots, like up close gym pics, or sport game shots, are used to capture a specific moment. Even things such as light hearted TikToks go a long way to show the way of life as a Badger.

There are many ways Snow media brings up the social life on campus, from behind the scenes on the idea board, to upfront ideas in the moment. Faculty, staff, and students all incorporate this to bring Badgers their social media.

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