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Getting Into the 'Swing' of Things

Kelton Stallings and Sadie Cox dance the night away at swing to enjoy the life of a Snow College student. Photo by Anna Mower.


As the school year kicks off, there is chatter about “Western Swing,” so to freshmen, or anyone new to what it is, here’s a little information.

Swing is a social event where students can dance with a partner or in lines as a group, usually to country music. Sadie Cox, a member of the Swing club says, “Swing is an amazing place for students.” Many badgers enjoy it here at Snow, from first-timers to returning members.

As of now, Swing is held in Ephraim three days a week: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Those who want to learn can show up early during each day's teaching portion, which usually happens for the first half hour. After that, it’s time for open dancing. Students can ask anyone to dance, girl or guy – being an open environment, so even if students don’t know someone, they’re welcome to ask them to dance.

Western Swing is not only a place for music and dancing but also a place to hang out with friends, get to know new people, or even get a girl or guy’s number.

Eric Montague, swing enthusiast and sophomore, said, “I’m excited to show others how to have a good time.” After all, with a line dance called “Good Time,” many students uphold Swing as a good time.

Reagan Black, a freshman who’s new to swing, said “I like the social aspect,” and she added, “I’m excited for the new things swing has to offer this year.”

Amidst the many types of dances, including partner dances, line dances, 10-steps, Cowboy Chachas, and more, there are many things students can learn this year. The main way badgers can learn is by attending swing frequently, especially with friends. Youtube can also help for learning the dances.

All in all, swing is a place enjoyed by many students at Snow, new and returning alike. So, to those move-seeking badgers, boot-scoot-and boogie on over to Western Swing.

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