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  • Laura Medrano

Giving Students Hope One Can at a Time

Snow Student Noah Runolfson Enthusiastically grabs food from Buster’s Pantry. Photo by Giovanni Botta.

College is a stressful time, taking harder classes, living away from family, meeting new people. Figuring out how students will buy food or personal hygiene products shouldn’t be on that list. Luckily, Snow College has an accessible solution for all students.

Buster’s Pantry is a place where students can get free necessities, such as nonperishables and hygiene products. Thanks to the staff, faculty, and donors, students who need extra help can get it. Ana Ahumada, a student who benefits from Buster’s Pantry says, “Being a broke college student with no license in a small town where there’s only Walmart and Dollar Tree available, Buster’s Pantry has helped lift the weight off my shoulders. I don’t have to burden people instead, I know Snow College has my back in every aspect of my life. Even if it’s just a few cans.”

In the past, Buster’s Pantry wasn’t as accessible as it is now. Originally students had to fill out a form with what they needed and their information. Then they would let the students know when they could pick up their order. Buster’s Pantry is now located in what used to be The Horseshoe Room in the Greenwood Student Center. Students can now walk in, take what they need, and fill a restock form with what they took. This new method makes it more accessible and less scary for students, being able to have immediate access to necessities is a huge relief for students.

Thankfully this change has helped students realize that Buster’s Pantry helps them. Tori Christensen, a student worker at Buster’s Pantry, says, “it’s important to help students in need; everyone deserves a chance to get an education and not worry about food and basic necessities.” Christensen also adds that, “Everyone needs to be considerate about each other and what you need versus what you want.” Since a lot of students need this support, it’s not fair for only a small percentage to be benefited.

College is a time of growth; students shouldn’t worry about their next meal, students' main priority should be classes. Buster’s Pantry takes a load off many students’ minds. This is just another way Snow gives students a family and a home. Students are also able to donate and help their fellow classmates, for more information about how to help Buster’s Pantry, reach out to Mike Daniels.


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