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  • Sandra Cox

Graduating Badgers Face The Future

As the semester wraps up, Snow graduates face difficult decisions to make for their futures. From transferring schools to taking a break for financial or other reasons, options vary for each student.

For example, graduate Amkaa Chinbaatar explains his own path: “My plan after graduating from Snow College is to complete my OPT (Optional Practical Training), meaning that I would work for the Ninefold Marketing company for one year as a salesman and technician. It will be a great opportunity for me to learn more about business in the field. After completing my OPT I will further pursue my education at BYU Provo starting in the Fall 2024 semester.”

For many Badgers, the transfer and graduation processes are new. Snow College offers various types of aid along the way, including posted reminders about next steps to take in order to graduate. Snow College also offers students an opportunity to celebrate in a commencement ceremony.

Even as graduates follow laid-out steps to transfer universities or whatever else is in store for them, they still have many choices to make as their plans develop and finalize. One graduating student, Hyrum Hatch, offers insight on how he managed to make up his mind. Hatch shares, “Making plans for what I should do after graduation was extremely hard. I spent a lot of time on the phone with my parents weighing out different options before finally deciding what I wanted to do. What was most beneficial was talking with people already working in the industries I was interested in and asking them all my questions.”

Amidst both the stressful planning and congratulations from well-wishers, graduating Badgers take life by the reins and decide what is best for themselves in the next season of life.


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