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Grillin’ and Cheezin’ at the Bell Tower

It may come as a surprise to some, but there is a national Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day in the US, and that day was April 12.NGCS Day is a day that’s been recognized since the 90s and is simply to recognize a renowned snack: the grilled cheese sandwich.

Snow College celebrated national grilled cheese sandwich day by passing out freshly grilled, grilled cheese sandwiches at the bell tower on the holiday morning. dHosted by Student life and Snow’s team of SBO’s, there were dozens and dozens of sandwiches, and dozens and dozens of students at the event.

Julia Richmond, student, was at the event and said, “It makes me very happy because most of the time I don’t really have time to eat breakfast in the morning.”

When asked if Snow should celebrate more random national food holidays, Julia replied, “Yes, I think it’s very helpful to college students’ mental health because food’s just amazing.”

When asked what their thoughts were on the holiday, Aurora Slater, student, said she hopes to see “All of the above,” when it comes to grilled cheese days and other food holidays.

Some may not be as fond of the grilled cheese sandwiches, now, fear not as this isn’t the only fun food holiday in the US. For example, there is National Jelly Bean Day on April 22nd, or National Pretzel Day on April 26th, National Donut Day on June 2nd, and many many more.

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