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Helping students to succeed

Keller radiates simple, but pure joy in herself and wherever she is. Photo courtesy of Patrick Kastner.

Professor Rachel Keller is an English professor at Snow College. She offers many classes, from English 1010 to 2010, to literature classes, such as her African American literature class. Teaching multiple subjects on writing, Ms. Keller cherishes them all, saying, “I like them all so much; each one does something different.” A big goal of hers this school year is to show how writing can be very simple. She explained, “It’s not that you’re not a good writer, it’s not that it has to be hard, it’s about how you’re doing it.” Ms. Keller explained that taking each simple step, such as drafting, revising, and reviewing, makes for great work, whereas cramming at the last minute doesn’t allow that opportunity. Ms. Keller is a driven teacher, who is always looking to help her students succeed.

Not originally from Ephraim, or even Utah, Keller comes from Arkansas. Leaving the homeland after college, Ms. Keller had a devotion to fulfill before teaching: “When I started my Ph.D., I made a commitment that when I was done, I would serve before I earned.” Ms. Keller, along with her husband left the states for Cape Verde, the island off of west Africa, to serve 2 years in the Peace Corps for international development. Keller upheld herself to give first, then receive, so receiving became truly rewarding. Now she states, “It makes me so happy to show up and do it.” “I love what I do.”

Turning now into more of her personal life, Ms. Keller enjoys the little things. She loves eating tamales at Jose’s Cafe with her husband, she cherishes eating a grapefruit every single day, as well as making real good breakfasts for her kids each morning. Her family is dear to her, “I love my kids and husband, they’re my favorite people on the planet, and anything I do with them makes me happy.” Outside of the family, Ms. Keller loves being active; she loves biking, triathlons, and her favorite thing to do above all is to swim. She even coaches the Manti High School swim team.

With an active life, a love for family, teaching, giving, and yes, grapefruits, Ms. Keller is beloved by many.

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