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  • Hailey Hendricks

Honors Program

The Honors Program is eager to have Snow College students join this incredible program to gain knowledge and leadership skills. The honors society program has a ton of amazing opportunities to learn, grow and gain scholarships to help with your schooling.

When talking to Jacob Thomas, a leader of the Honors Society, he states, “The honors society is very advanced, which can be intimidating hearing that, but it is a great opportunity and it is a great program that will help students in schooling, challenge themselves and take on some responsibility.”

Not only will students be challenged and learn a lot in these honor programs, but they will also get to be part of fun things on campus reserved for members of society. Recipients of this scholarship will receive a $500 award (split into a $250 payment each semester) students will also get to have lunch with the professors, as part of a great banquet at the end of the semester to celebrate all the hard work and success that the students put in throughout the semester.

Some of the requirements to be a part of the Honors Society Program are a 3.5 GPA, a composite score of 26, and submitting an application to join along with a written essay to apply to be a part of the program. Overall, this is a great program and an amazing opportunity! Apply now on the Snow College Website to be a part of the Honors Society Program.


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