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Honors Program

Photo Courtesy of Snow College.

Students involved in the Honors Program recently went on a field trip to Cedar City. In Cedar City they were able to go to the Shakespeare Festival and watch “The Tempest”.

Each year the Honors Program has at least one major field trip, where the students are able to experience the things they are learning in class. One Student in the Honors Program, Bryant Shell said, “ It was a really fun experience to the things we were learning about being put into a play.”

Larry Smith, Honors Program Co-Director, “The Honors Program is a community of motivated learners and we engage in many social activities.” The Honors Program is looking for more students to be involved in the program, it also offers many benefits to students.

Smith also says, “The honors students enjoy many benefits, including smaller class size, very enthusiastic professors, leadership opportunities, scholarships, and recognition at graduation and on their transcript if they complete the program.

We are hoping to attract more students to our program, so we invite people who are curious and like to learn to apply at

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