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  • Randi Bryant

How to Manage College

Starting a new semester can be frusturating and stressful, among other things, so getting some tips, advice, and any extra help can be useful in the long run. Photo by Randi Bryant.

With the new semester kicking into gear, many students can feel overwhelmed about their friends, family, finances, studies, and classes. And with graduation coming, it can be easy to forget about wellness and good habits to stay successful at school. A couple of students helped answer a few burning questions about college and what they struggled with most.

According to an interview with Sam Schaugaard, she gave some insight into the struggles she had with college, along with some she’s still enduring. When asked about what she wished she would’ve known before attending college, Schaugasard said, “The list of requirements for graduation. That would’ve been helpful.” And when asked about a social aspect of college she wished she understood better, she replied, “I think how to communicate with roommates is another one. It can be hard sometimes.”

A fellow student, Lucy Jones, when asked about what she wished she knew before attending college, stated, “How important it is to take time to study. That’s really important.” She also stated what social aspect was difficult for her at first. “At the beginning, everyone is open to being social and communicating. But after a few weeks, they find their groups and don’t make new friends. That’s something I wish was different.”

Each student at Snow is unique, but each has their own struggles. Student tips from fellow peers allow students to understand their peers and how their college experience can be improved. Students are encouraged to explore the Campus Resources page on the Snow College website if they need more information on counseling and student success.

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