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  • Sandra Cox

How to Survive the Summer at Home

As the school year wraps up, students are beginning to pack up to move back home. Some might find it difficult to flow back into the at-home life. So here are some tips:

First remember that parents are parents, not roommates. While students will be living at home over the summer they should keep in mind that they are guests. Their parents own the house, so like it or not they will have to follow their rules. When students return home their parents often have them pick up chores. And offering to help out is a great way to stay on top of that. It will also show parents that their child has changed and matured during the school year, and could affect the dynamic in different ways.

Second, students can find things to do with their free time. Several online articles state that getting a job can be very beneficial. Not only does it allow a source of income in order to save for the fall semester, but it allows students to get out of the house and socialize. If students don’t want a job they could spend time with friends or family. The summer is a great time to strengthen connections with those that students weren't able to see during the school year.

Third and most of all, just have fun. Summer is a break after all, and students shouldn’t worry too much about school. As mentioned, students could reconnect with friends and family. Another option is to travel and explore new places. It’s summer, so get out there.


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