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  • Sandra Cox

Joe Jackson Delivers Art Talk

“Hi I’m Joe. I thrive in the process of solving visual and verbal problems.” Quote and photo courtesy of Joe’s website.

On February 23rd, Snow College students had the opportunity to listen to Ephraim native, Joe Jackson, and participate in a Q&A following his Art Talk.

Jackson works as a creative director and consultant in photo and design. He has worked on every side of the globe, from New York City to Shanghai. Heading creative projects ranging from photoshoots to helping brands sustain and improve products and ideas.

Joe’s work has helped numerous brands from all around the globe in their ownership and discover and take ownership of their identity. Inevitably helping to ensure growth and progress.

When it comes to experience, he has been assisting companies and their brands to succeed, mature, and grow, among other things, for over 20 years. He uses his online platform, ISSUE 3, to connect with potential clients, along with showcasing some of the past work and projects he has produced over the years.

Directing projects of design and art comes with creative conflicts between artists. A major part of curating these projects is managing differences in order to have the best outcome. Joe shares his insight about said disagreements, saying, “You really have to listen to everyone’s ideas and come together as a team. And if you can’t reach a mutual decision, you have to be a decision maker and make the final decision.”

When asked about his primary philosophy, he answered with, “Design has become all. In the universal application of design, the designer must be universal in approach, in thinking, and in doing.”

In design, it is the artist’s job to take in the information around them while also remaining authentic to themselves and their work.

For more information about Joe and his work, along with his platform, ISSUE 3, visit his website


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