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  • Sandra Cox

LARP? Like the fish?

The term LARP is an acronym for Live Action Role Play. Commonly related to the game “Dungeons and Dragons” where a person can create a character for an unique situation/story and use that character in an imaginative world.

There are many different kinds of LARPs ranging from space, to pirates, to space pirates, everyone can find a place. It all depends on where and who the group is for the said story or situation.

Here at Snow College, there is the LARP club that meets every Tuesday at 5:00pm at the GSC in the Rassmussen room.

They are currently learning about the world their characters are in, the land of Therwor. Full of magic, culture, and creatures.

Anna Wright, the treasurer of the club, describes it as, “It's a lot of goofing off with friends for the most part once we get past all of the intro stuff it is: play game, goof off. And it's a good way to dip your feet into what can be an imposing hobby.”

The president, Hannah Lanier, said this about the club, “[It’s] a lot of information because that is something I noticed with this semester that I have a ton of information for and some people get overwhelmed by it and the lack of community can also deter from LARP because there are some communities that shut out certain people or when they don't know people they tend to ignore them and that is something I've noticed when I tried to join LARPs in the past because 1. I was a bit younger and 2. it was harder to connect with them.” However, what better way to get into this experience than with your fellow students and friends.


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