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Meeting Dr. Dunn

Dr. Craig Dunn is a Professor at Snow College. He has been teaching at Snow for four years. Before Snow he taught at Dixie State University.

Dunn was a Chiropractor before he became a professor. He spent 28 years studying three different practices of chiropractic. He was able to have his career in both Utah and Illinois. When he was in Illinois he was able to treat missionaries around him.

He went to school at the University of Utah for his undergraduate and later went to Medical School in Los Angeles, California.

Dunn loves spending his time with his family. He has five children, four boys and one girl. His children are all now grown up and now Dunn is a Grandpa to his six grandchildren.

Dunn and his wife both enjoy reading in their freetime. When he is reading he enjoys reading books that aren’t just anatomy books. When he has some other freetime he really enjoys going golfing.

Dunn says, “I love teaching, my main goal is trying to put myself back to when I was a college student and teach the students not what I know, but what they need to know in order to be successful in their own careers.”


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