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  • Emma Holmgren

New Interfaith Club Brings Diversity to Snow

The freedom to express your religion exists here at Snow College. Photo courtesy of The Global Governance Prodject.

Snow College students have started an Interfaith Club to expand spiritual knowledge and acceptance among all faiths. The club includes members of many faiths, including Muslims, Catholics, Pagans, and Latter-Day Saints (LDS). The co-president of the club, Ellie Gray, believes that Snow College greatly benefits from this club in order to develop more diversity. She shares, “I decided to get involved with this club because I believe that there is a need for a group like this on campus. I know that Utah is a predominantly LDS area, and we want to make this a welcoming space where members of all faiths are welcome.”

When the club meets, they have a five to ten minute presentation on a chosen topic and then the members can share their insights, questions, opinions, and beliefs in an open and safe discussion. Many students in college wonder about the meaning of life and other similar philosophies.

Having a dedicated space to share personal ideologies can be extremely important, especially for college students that are searching for closure and answers to life’s greatest questions. Gray comments, “Our club is about learning about different religions/spirituality and philosophies, by educating each other about our experiences and how we view those things on a personal level.” Religions across the world have been known to cause wars and strife among countries, but here in Ephraim, Utah, different religions are celebrated together as the Interfaith Club members listen to fellow peers discuss their faith. Members can apply what they learn about other religions in their day to day life and develop inclusive skills.

To learn more about this cool club, message (801) 557-5998.

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