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NFL Pass to Week 11

NFL stars in with the vision of the Lombardy Trophy. Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

As the NFL enters into week 11, students might be wondering, what teams should we be watching? Right now, the top two teams are the Kansas City Chiefs with a record of 8-2 (8 wins and 2 losses) with their most recent win being over the Los Angeles Chargers. Kansas City Chiefs was led by Patrick Mahomes in this win. This was a close game with the final score being 30-27. The second top team is the Philadelphia Eagles. They have a record of 9-1 (9 wins and 1 loss). With a recent win over the Indianapolis Colts the score being 17-16. The Eagles were led by Jalen Hurts. The Eagles have some competition for their spot as the second. The Minnesota Vikings maintain a record of 8-1. They are led by Kirk Cousins. The team predicted to win the Super Bowl is the Kansas City Chiefs. The quarterbacks are the leaders of their team, they often will boost team morale and direct plays for the team. If the quarterback is having a bad game, it will be hard for the team to win that week.

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