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  • Aleda Boyce Kjar

Painting the "S"

LDSSA club shows their hand work painting the "S.: Photo by Anna Mower.


In the early morning on September 10th students who are a part of the LDSSA club gathered in the Institute parking lot to hike the “S”, east of campus, to give it some much needed attention. Peyon Kjar, a sophomore at Snow college, says, “the S has really faded over the years.” Kjar is not the only student to notice the fading that has taken place. He, like so many other students,were excited to see the new and improved letter.

Snow College is not the only school to celebrate its namesake on the surrounding landscape. All along the Wasatch front people can look to the mountains as a guide to what city they are in or even to what college they might be passing. Lettering mountains is a long standing tradition in Utah that is not to be taken lightly.

Another subject that is not to be taken lightly is the sleep of college students. So Naturally, not every student would be willing to give up their Saturday morning to serve the community. But, National Service day is what motivated Snow college students to do just that. National Service day is what inspired this project and is what motivated students to get out and serve.

The LDSSA club was the main organizer of the event but they encouraged anyone to come and participate in the action. Jake Mortensen, a sophomore at snow college, stated, “White washing the “S” was such a cool experience! I got to meet and work with so many amazing people.” Mortensen was able to not only go out of his way and serve our community, but he was able to have fun while working with a group of his peers. The “S” on our mountain looks a little brighter because of students who came out to serve.


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