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  • Sandra Cox

Potting and Painting

The ‘Let it Grow’ activity was the start of Bye Bye Badger Week. The event gained much traction for all students either passing through or there to stay and paint. Students lined the tables placed in the plaza to choose a succulent. Another station on the grassy area near the plaza had a variety of paint colors that badgers could use to paint the pots for their new plants. All colors of the rainbow were set out for students to choose from. Badgers enjoyed a brownie and water during the event as well. “It was a relaxing way to get me away from finals stress,” said Badger Esther Rivas.

The last two weeks of school mean stress for students when preparing for finals. Destressing and taking time to relax when school wraps up is crucial for mental health. Painting and spending time outside is a great way to do so. Between classes, taking a short break, getting food at the Badger Den, or going to activities can be nice for students to enjoy time away from responsibilities.

With events throughout the week, Badgers had the opportunity to go to multiple events. The first event of the week, the ‘Let it Grow’ event started it off. The week included different events, food, and the foam dance on Friday. The event overall helped students enjoy the weather while expressing themselves creatively while taking a break between Monday classes.


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