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Prepare for Graduation

Caden Simmons helping Christian Ruiz fill out a graduation application. Photo by Collin Kasteler.

Graduation is approaching for students here at Snow College and it comes with steps many students might not know about. When it comes to preparing for graduation it is recommended students try and get started on a graduation plan as soon as they start at Snow College since it is a two-year school.

Chrissy Ray, Assistant Registrar over Graduation, says “we would like you to have a graduation plan from your first semester so you can get your GE requirements done and also take the necessary prerequisites for their major so that when they transfer they are on track.”

However, for students who did not get the chance to meet with their advisor when they first got here, it is recommended to meet with an advisor as soon as possible to make sure students are on track. Without talking to an advisor it can be very difficult to be on track for graduation. Then students will fill out a graduation application. This can be discussed more with their advisors.

Next, when students are applying to colleges there are different factors they need to take into consideration. There is a deadline to apply to colleges, so students will need to make sure to keep an eye out for when those are. Afterwards students will have to send their transcripts to the institution they applied to. Students can order their transcripts at

If students have any questions concerning graduation they should reach out to either their advisor or the graduation office to get help.

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