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Prioritize Service at Snow

Snow College Service Club thinks of others as they clean up campus. Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Gardner.

Snow College is home to many diverse clubs to invite students to be involved around campus. One of these clubs is the Service Club.

As stated in the Snow College app, “the purpose of this club is to do service for others.” To kick off the semester, the service club hosted a garbage clean up of the Snow College campus. Students gathered together on campus and split into groups to beautify and clean up the frequently used areas of campus. Veronika Tait, the advisor of the service club had this to say in regards to the campus clean up, “Our campus is looking amazing, due in no small part to your hard work.”

This club is a way for students to meet with other Badgers who may take pride in helping others. Morgan Mickelson, the club president said, “Service is about forgetting your own sorrows, hardships, and worries by helping others and giving back to the community.”

Mickelson’s goal for the club this year is to give students the opportunity to serve and give back to the community. The idea is to provide students with the ability to have access to these activities by organizing them through a club, where members are contacted with the information.

“We all need help sometimes, but there needs to be people who will step forward to be the help,” Mickelson said. As Badgers are looking for opportunities to be involved, the invitation is open to students to join the club, or even to stop by the activities to see what it is all about.

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What a great group of compassionate people in this photo 🥰

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