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Register for Spring Semester

Snow student Jory Durrant shows his excitement for registering for classes. Photo by Sadie Cox.

It is that time of year Badgers, yes, spring class registration time. This is an important time during the year, because it is where students decide how they will spend the second half of the school year. Registration happens in waves; the waves come in order of priority for students. 60+ earned credit, or veteran students will be able to register first, November 4th, followed by Sophomores who have 30+ earned credits on the 7th, Freshmen 29 credits or below on the 14th, and then lastly new students with no credits get to register November 21st.

Registering for classes is a process. The way to get classes ready to go for immediate addition is by building a plan, which is like pre-ordering something. Students who create a schedule ahead of time can get it set up immediately when registration opens. Classes can fill up fast, so it’s useful to have a plan set up. Student advisors, found in the GSC Registration office can help when it comes to building plans and registering.

However students choose to go about registration, it is a time which can bring Badgers excitement, relief, and motivation, among many other things. Kierra Price, a Snow music major, said “the music advisor, Barbra Dalene, makes registration for music courses a breeze.”


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