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SBO's Create Connections

SBO’s Paint “S” on main street. Photo by Marylee Giddings.

The Student Body Officers are wanting this year to be one of the very best yet. The specific mission statement is, “We are working to create an inclusive environment and create diverse connections through activities, leadership opportunities, and service to the campus community.”

Jill Trythall, Director of Student Life, says, “The student life's goal is to help students connect and engage through a variety of campus events. We are loving the energy, support and enthusiasm of students.” Each SBO is working hard to help others connect.

A SBO, Naomi Willden shares their theme for this year, “Our theme is ‘Our Snow, Our Time.’ We want the students to feel like their time here at Snow is unique to them. We want students to look back and remember the great times spent at Snow College.” Snow College is a place where many people can look back and say they had the best times here.

Another SBO, Carlos Barron says, “No one cares about how much you know until they know how much you care. We want to get to know others and build friendships to let the students know that we care about each of them this year”.

The Student Body Officers are trying to make this year one of the best ones at Snow College and involve everyone in all of the events and activities they put on.

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