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  • Laura Medrano

Snow Celebrates Cultural Differences

Zahidu Peralta, Carlos Barron, and Karina Matus Dacning at the Latina Culture Celebration. Photo by Hannah Zollinger.

Living away from family is not easy. International students have to face a very different reality, from the food, to the weather, to the language. Being able to celebrate international students' culture helps them with homesickness.

On Thursday, October 6, Snow celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month honoring Latin American students whose countries celebrate their independence in September-October. This event included live music, cultural dance, and food. They started by reading a declaration from Governor Cox about the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month and its importance. Carlos Barron, an international student from Mexico gave a presentation about Latin America and the different countries’ independence. They ended the night with an amazing showcase of talent from Latino students which included dance, and live music.

Robin Coffelt, a domestic student says, “The Latino culture brings so much to America. It is amazing to learn about the history of different countries.” Many local students attended the event and could value and learn about dances, culture, and history.

Hispanic students appreciated Snow’s effort to celebrate their culture and roots. Julian Matamoros, an international student from Honduras says, “The presentation given was very accurate, we are very hard workers and we are very picky about our food. We also love to dance like there's no tomorrow and we always prioritize and give our best to our families. Overall everything stated is accurate and all the comments given are appealing and very true”. Being able to see their culture and heritage respected and celebrated gives these students a voice and helps them feel empowered and like they belong.

It is important to celebrate what makes us different. International students often feel alone, activities like these show them that they are seen and appreciated. Their contribution to Snow is what makes this campus such a unique place.


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