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  • Sandra Cox

Snow College Art Department

The Snow College Art Department offers a wide range of classes for students of all backgrounds. Whether students just enjoy art as a hobby or want to go into a career involving art there is something for everyone.

What sets Snow College’s art program apart from other colleges and universities in the state? Snow College student Jessie Day was asked why she chose to come to Snow, “I chose it originally because the program down here is a lot cheaper for an Associates degree.” The affordable tuition rate here at Snow is a contributing factor to students’ decision to attend.

Another reason Jessie chose to come to Snow was because of the environment. The class sizes are a lot smaller which allows teachers to tailor the learning more specifically to the students.

Jessie said, “My dad also went to Snow College and Carl Purcell who teaches here convinced my dad that he could actually have a career in art. My dad became an illustrator, because of Snow College, that’s what led me to come back and follow his lead.”

This shows the impact Snow College’s art department can have on its students and their families.


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