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Snow College Disney Internship

Carter Young and other internship students enjoying the benefits of the Disney College Program. Photo by Carter Young.

Every year around three to eight Snow College students get selected for the Walt Disney College Program. Through this program the students get to select a Disney park to go and intern at over a specific period of time, usually over the summer break.

Last year, there were four students who were selected for this opportunity. This includes Brylee Johnson, Carter Young, and Shaela Jensen. Carter Young worked at Disney World as a waiter during the summer of 2022. When asked about his experience he said that through the program he learned many lessons and made great friends. He said if someone is preparing to go to their internship that they should “Get ready for lots of work, or no work at all depending on where you get put. If it’s in food, you’ll have about 50-60 hours a week, and if it’s for merchandise or anything other than food you’ll get about 20 hours a week.”

A Snow College Alumni who is currently a part of the program is Emma Ray. She is working at a Disney Resort called, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. When asked for advice she would give to those looking into the Disney College Program is “Don’t be upset if you don’t get through the application and interview process the first time.” She said it took her multiple tries to get accepted into the program.

For students to apply for Disney College Program they can look at All that is required is to be 18 years old and have completed at least one semester at an American college.


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