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  • Sandra Cox

Snow College's Adventure Program

Members of Snow College’s Outdoor Leadership Program radiate the joy and emotion they get from being in the outdoors. Photo courtesy of Snow College’s Outdoor Leadership Program.

Love adventure and outdoor activities? Check out Snow College’s Outdoor Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program. There are different classes each semester like rock climbing, Introduction to Outdoor Leadership, kayaking, and backpacking. Badgers will get to go on adventures all over Utah. The best part is, Badgers don't have to major in the program to take the classes. The class sizes are small, and the best part is, you can hang out with friends while doing an activity you love. This program is entrepreneurial as well.

Every other week, Badgers get to adventure all over Utah. Snow College’s program information says, “The program takes advantage of the close proximity to the amazing diversity of outdoor resources—from red rock deserts to high alpine peaks and everywhere in between.” The experiences gained from this program are some of the best offered at Snow. One of the classes offered at Snow is Backcountry skiing. Every Thursday up Fairview Canyon, Badgers have the opportunity to ski down mountains for three hours. Badger Callum Cunningham says, “It's a ton of work physically, especially in the snow it makes you work harder to move…we’ve also been learning about avalanche terrain and how to recover someone if they get buried.” This program is an exciting hands-on way to get fresh air and enjoy Utah’s beauty.


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