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Snow College Women's Soccer

On september 17th, The Snow College’s women's Soccer team had a loss to The Women's soccer club at Utah Valley University. The ending score was 3-4. This game was a scrimmage, meaning it won't affect the teams standing in this year's season. Out of the seven games that have been played this season, the women's soccer team has had five wins, one tie, and only one loss. These scores currently rank the team as tenth in the junior college category across the nation.

The team's most recent win was on September tenth playing against The Community Christian College. The score was 8-0, a win of that size does not occur without some serious teamwork. Six of the eight goals that were scored in the game were assists, which means the players who scored the goals could not have done so without a well timed pass from a teammate. Maren Powell, a student at snow college says, “ I love going to the games, they are so much fun.” This is because of the teamwork shown by the team. The next upcoming game for the Women's Soccer team is against Colorado Northwestern Community College. Snow College's last match up with Colorado Northwestern Community College was on April 22, 2021 with a victory of 13-0. Make sure to support the women's soccer team by attending the upcoming games.

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