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  • Sadie Cox

Snow Holds Vigil to Remember Paige

“Your light, passion, dedication, and love will live on forever. Everything we do is for you, love you Paige. Our thoughts and prayers are with Paige’s family at this time. We are so blessed for the time we got with our girl. Anyone who knows Paige, loves Paige. She gave 100% to everything she did and brought such a light to our team. We will carry her legacy on and all try to be a little bit more like Paige. We’ll miss you.” Photos and quote courtesy of Snowcollegesoftball Instagram page.

Paige Rydalch, a beloved Snow College student, passed away on January 16th from a tragic car wreck.

Many students report she was well known for her bright smile and passion for everything she did. Sandra Cox, a Snow College Communication professor, said “I had Paige in one of my classes last semester and she was a joy to have in my class. She was actively engaged and made those around her smile.”

Paige was a member of the Snow College Softball team and was loved by her teammates and coaches.

Snow College student life held a Vigil for her this semester. Many students talked about her legacy and gave highlights that people will remember her by.

Some of the students showed up to show their love and support for not just the softball team but for her family as well. Everyone who talked about Paige had much to say about her funny personality and organizational skills.

The softball team players spoke about how they would play for her and try to have that drive that she had for the team. Hearts are filled with hurt but motivated to make a difference as Paige did.

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