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Snow's Hot Spot

The Library is to be a hotspot for many of Snow College students. Photo by Kelsey Garcia.

The Library seems to be a hotspot for many of Snow College’s students. The library has many great resources and is open from 7:30 AM to midnight on weekdays and differing times on the weekends. This gives Snow’s students perfect time to study and provides a great environment to be productive.

The library has varieties of educational resources. There are books, magazines, and movies, along with whiteboards, study rooms, and other students nearby to bounce ideas off of.

Jarrit Parkinson says, “The top floor is where I’m the most productive. I love the whiteboards and the individual study rooms. The second floor always has people to study and talk with. The second floor is a little less productive, but always a good time. Stay Psyched”

Parker Mayer says this about the library, “The Library is my favorite place to study! It is where I receive all of my revelation for my homework and studies. I love the people there and the spaceship chairs *insert flexing emoji*. I love talking to Jenna and Kelsey there, they brighten my day as friends.”

The library is a great place to hang out with friends and get homework done. Snow College students are lucky to have an environment like this to study, learn, and grow.


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