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Snow's Men and Womens Wrestling Team

Snows Mens and Womens Wrestling team bringing the boom into their first season ever. Photo by Tayleigh Grace.

Snow College makes Utah athletic history for the first Utah women's sanctioned college wrestling team, and men and women's Junior College wrestling teams. Both teams are located on the Snow College Richfield campus.

The Snow College Wrestling teams consists of 21 women and 22 men. The athletes hail from UT, with the exception of one from Idaho and Alaska. Ross Taylor, head women's wrestling coach, has hopes to increase each program to 30 athletes in the future.

Taylor says, “There is no athletic scholarship funding for these wrestlers as of now, which means we are currently 100% privately funded.” Taylor desires to provide these student athletes with scholarships within the coming years. Fundraisers happen to raise money for this program. Donations are received at Both Taylor and men's wrestling head coach, Kimball Bastian, are very appreciative of the community rallying together to excite and promote this team financially and vocally.

Wrestling is a winter season sport and official practices began October 1st. The first home match is a team scrimmage on October 20th. November 2nd will be another home match against Western Wyoming Junior College. Nationals will conclude the season in March. Snow Wrestling will travel to compete in Montana, Arizona, Colorado, California, Iowa, and more. The 2022 wrestling schedule is available on “”

Taylor explains a typical daily practice as, “one of the most physically demanding things you’ve ever done. Wrestling is a battle, but we make it fun and have a good time.”

Bastian desires to create a program where athletes will be prepared to transfer to a larger university if they desire. He wants to develop a program where his athletes have the knowledge and ability to confidently wrestle in every position they are found in.

Together the coaches are open to the opportunity to give UT high school wrestlers another college wrestling program, where Utah Valley University was the only men's team option in Utah.

Xavier Perez, a freshman on the Snow men's wrestling team, said, “It’s cool to be the pioneers of a new program. Hopefully future generations can grow off of us and continue the legacy that we started.” He continues by saying, “Our coaches have high expectations that although this is our first year, that is no excuse to not do well. We are trained to act and perform like a D1 team.” Snow College is open to this opportunity for students, athletes, and community members to embrace badger wrestling. To get to know the athletes and receive updates, follow @snowcollegewrestling on Instagram.

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