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  • Sadie Cox

Student Wellness

Wellness Center Advocates, Maria Clara, TJ Stanley, Aspen Collett, Sadie Cox, and Andrew Lamoreaux get together and enjoy a meal while discussing future plans and ideas. Photo by Kalie Whitlock.

The Counseling and Wellness Center is a place here at Snow College where students can go if they are struggling with mental health. They offer individual, group and relationship counseling and these services are offered by state licensed mental health professionals. It is their goal to support each student in their quest to obtain a college education by providing individual short term interventions. The Wellness Center has a 24 hour crisis line and is always willing to help. With all of their clubs and activities that they have throughout the whole semester, they want students to be able to feel like they belong. Students can go and hang out in the zen den that is there at the building. The Zen Den is basically a place where students can go and relax, do homework, do some of the games and activities there or just go and watch the fish.

Wellness Advocates are students that work for the wellness center. They offer hope, their mission is to help Snow College Students succeed in studies and life. Wellness Advocates help students succeed by raising awareness of mental health and wellness issues through education and support of their emotional, physical and mental well-being. Rachell Holbrook who is the office manager and prevention specialist says “The counseling center is more than just coming in and talking to counselors, there is so much more you can do here.”


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