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  • Emma Holmgren

Students Get Creative with Wii Sports Olympics

Karen Larsen, Rylie Geary, and Rylie Schmidt get a “taste” of victory in the Wii Olpymics as winners over the events. Photo by Emma Holmgren.

Combining the Olympics with Wii Sports provides entertainment for Snow College students. A group of roommates took it upon themselves to fight their mid-semester boredom and create a competition with the Wii Sports games. The Wii Sports festivities are made to match the real Olympics as much as possible. The students even went so far as to hold an opening ceremony, complete with cake, the traditional Olympic fanfare and a burning torch of their own. Participants also made brackets for each sport to be played. Winners receive medals and get the honor of standing on a podium differentiating in height levels (couch cushions for bronze, a chair for silver and a barstool for gold).

Roommate Karen Larsen initiated much of the project and shares her inspiration: “Honestly, one of my favorite episodes of The Office ever is Office Olympics. I’ve always wanted to do something like that with my friends so when the Wii Olympics popped into my head I knew it was my moment to shine!”

None of this would have taken place had the girl's apartment not inherited an old Wii from family members in mid-January. After the Wii was set up, it didn’t take long for the competition to be designed. One night, roommate Rylie Schmidt invited some friends over to play games on the Wii and Larsen suggested a Wii Olympics. From there, the suggestion took off. As the idea grew, so did the ideas of which games were acceptable to include in the Olympic games.

For these girls, their Olympic competitions are not exclusively from the Wii Sports disc of games. All games that are in the schedule to be played are as follows: tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, boxing, archery, swordplay, table tennis, basketball, wakeboarding, cycling, speed slice, Just Dance and Mario Kart. The games are currently in progress and only a couple have been played through the entire bracket and conquered by a gold medalist.

Bowling champion Rylie Geary states, “I really didn’t think I was going to get very far, because I had about 3 days of experience, but I pleasantly surprised myself and it was really fun.” These Olympic games have proved that students can participate in all sorts of activities in Ephraim, if only one has the mind to create them.

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