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Stuff-a-Plush Part 2

By: Jason Buchanan

Photo Courtesy of Jason Buchanan

On Wednesday February 14th, 2024, commonly referred to as Valentines day. The student body put on an activity called Stuff-a-plush. Where a student could pick one of 13 different animals the choices included: a sloth,an axolotl, a llama, an owl, a monkey, rhino, bear, cat, giraffe, turtle, elephant, and lamb to “stuff”, with provided cotton to put in the animal to make it your own. Provided there was a five dollar fee to pay per student to get a stuffed animal there were plenty who attended. Sam Holder, with student life, says “We put on this activity because we realized that last semester the other activity was such a hit that we had to do another one to keep the students excited.” Comparatively, this semester's activity had less attendance than last semester's activity. Isaac Atkinson, a student, says “I went to this one because there was a guarantee that I was able to get one of these guys rather than last semester where I didn’t have that assurance.”


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