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  • Sandra Cox

Take Action with Tai Chi

Tai Chi club members doing a demonstration of techniques used. Photo by Jason Hall.

Here at Snow College there are many clubs, some are for intellectual pursuits, physical activities, the multitudes of arts, hobbies, as well as ethnicity. But regardless they all serve the same purpose, to bring together the different myriads of people here at Snow College closer as a community and life long friends.

One such club is the Tai Chi club. Tai Chi is a martial art that is also referred to as a walking meditation that is used for both the mental and physical health of the practitioner as well as for self-defense. The Tai Chi club teaches forms for bare handed as well as sword and bo-staff forms.

They also perform here in Ephraim, but participation in performances is not required. They welcome any students who may be interested, whether they are there for self defense, health benefits or some other reason.


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