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  • Sadie Cox

The Impact of Gratitude

Kaysen Smith picks what he is most grateful for. Photo by Casey Mitchell.

Tis the season to be grateful, it is always fun to show love and gratitude for the things Snow College students are grateful for.

The Snow College campus has been filled with posters holding the words “I’m Grateful For” and students and faculty could write whatever they were grateful for.

It was created with the idea that gratitude impacts mental wellness in a positive way.

The idea came from the Snow Staff Association for people to be able to write down the words and things they want to remember to be grateful for. Every building on campus had a poster.

What a great sight to see, when people would come up and write down something they were grateful for on the signs and then have it just be full of different ideas.

Alex Martinez, a medical student here at Snow said, “I thought it was really awesome, it was a great way to start off Thanksgiving break, to read them and see what everyone was grateful for.”

Snow students are encouraged to find things they are grateful for everyday, that simple act of gratitude can help Badgers to focus on having a positive attitude towards life.

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