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  • Laura Medrano

The Snow Rainbow of Diversity

Pride club poses following the Lavendar Celebration last year. Photo courtesy Snow College Pride Facebook page.


Snow College has been known for its diverse population and the several clubs that celebrate them; including the International Club, Poly Club, Pride Club, Interfaith Club, Black Student Union, Native American Club, Latinos In Action, etc. Snow celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of all of its students. Every student can feel like they have a place and belong in a community, making Snow different and special from any other College.

Snow College Pride club celebrated its opening social and welcomed new members. The pride club is one of the biggest Clubs on campus and welcomes both members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies. With one in six of today’s youth identifying somewhere in the LGBTQ+ spectrum, the Pride Club provides a safe and caring environment for those that don’t have one.

The International Club welcomes everyone who is an international student or those that wish to learn more about the international community at Snow. Anabella Torres, an international student from Honduras and a member of the club, says that “As an international student, it gets hard when trying to adapt to a completely different culture. The international club helps create this community in which we all feel seen by everyone else. Since all of us are going through the same circumstances and are feeling the same things, we connect in a beautiful way because we understand that we are family and are here to support each other.”

Fernando Montano, the diversity office director when asked about the importance of having these clubs said “These clubs help underrepresented students feel seen, and being able to see others that look like them gives them confidence and security. At Snow, we have a diverse student body and we are trying to improve the diversity of faculty and staff”. Mr. Montano also invites domestic students to attend the meetings for these clubs, he says “we don’t only want to teach you math, science, and communications; but we want to build students that are ready for the diverse world there is.”.

Snow College is more than just academics; it is a place where you can learn and become yourself. Snow welcomes everyone and gives them a home and a family.

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