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  • Sandra Cox

The Stellar Speech Lab of Snow College

Jada Bailey tutoring Spencer Cox in the Speech Lab

The Speech Lab is available for all students to receive help for any presentation or speech they have. It is located in the Lucy Phillips Building on the second floor in room 204. They can attend the lab by making appointments online, in person, by phone (435-283-7578), or by scanning the QR codes available on the Speech Lab section of the Snow College website.

The Speech Lab is open Monday–Thursday from 2:30–7:00, and on Fridays from 3:00–5:00. Appointments last 15 minutes, and can be in person, through zoom call, or over the phone. Although scheduled appointments are preferred, the lab takes walk-ins. Scheduling can be done as far in advance as needed.

The lab tutors are hired by the Communication Department Head, Kristi Stevens, and are Snow College students themselves. Tutors are trained to help with all kinds of presentation types. From organization, to source materials, to delivery, they are ready to assist. The lab is also available to assist with group work.

Students are welcome to attend the lab as many times as they want. In the back half of the lab, there is a section where students can physically present their speeches or presentations to the tutors to receive feedback.

Snow College student Anna Liddell said this when asked about her experience at the lab, “The speech lab is a great resource that Snow offers. Not only is it free, but all the tutors have taken the same classes students need help with. They write down everything said during the session to allow students to look back on what they talked about afterwards. I had a very good experience.”


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