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  • Sadie Cox

Walk/Run as One for Suicide Prevention

Snow students listen to the guest speaker at the Walk/Run as One. Photo by Anna Mower.


National Suicide Prevention week was September 12th through the 16th. Snow College held events throughout week. The Wellness Center hosted a Suicide prevention walk that they called Walk/Run As One, the activities were from learning how to rope from the rodeo team to walking or running a mile.

Anna Mower, a sophomore at Snow College, said “It was a good experience to introduce people to the workers at Snow College Wellness Center and give them access to their resources. Watching Andrew Lamoreaux interact with the community made me want to hang out at the wellness center and get closer to the wellness advocates”

As students showed up to the event, they were given ribbons with different colors and each color representing something different. For example, teal was for supporting the cause, green represented a past or present personal struggle, There were nine colors in total. These colors were to demonstrate something that has affected one’s life in some way. Kennedy Clasby , a wellness advocate said “ It was a fantastic way to get the community together and connect over something that isn’t openly talked about. I loved seeing the support from different people which helps me to know that I am not alone.”

Many groups on campus showed support for this event. Student Life, the clogging group and other clubs from Snow College came to support the event. Many students reported that it was a great event and the Wellness Center reported that they felt like the walk was well attend. Having all of these activities around campus helps bring the community and everyone together. One theme was to help students realize they are never alone.


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