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Women's Basketball Takes Off Regional Second

Women’s basketball huddle up to plot their next move against Salt Lake Community College. Photo by Rubie Hernandez.


Snow College Women’s basketball took second place at regionals this year. They were the number three seed of the Region 18 Tournament. They first played against Colorado Northwestern Community college.

Off the bench, Tylie Jones came in to add eight points and eight rebounds. Addi Johnson came and contributed another seven points off the bench. The team won with a score of 77-53.

They advanced to the next round and played against Salt Lake Community College. With a three-pointer at the buzzer for the first half, Kennedy Eskelson gave the team a huge momentum boost going into the next half. After a close game, the Badgers won with a score of 64-56.

After this win, they advanced onto play the College of Southern Idaho. While the badgers led for most of the first half, they fell behind and had a loss of 63-57. This led to the ending of their season.

Congratulations to Badger Japrix Weaver, who got honorable mention for All-American player after her freshman year here at Snow College.

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