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  • Sandra Cox

Avoid the Blues

Aleda and Peyton Kjar out on a walk in an effort to get outside this Winter. Photo by Raegann McCurdy.

Madelyn Geldmacher said, “The first snowstorm is definitely when it starts.” The winter blues is something that affects so many of us, but isn’t always talked about. Oftentimes when the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and the sky gets gloomier, students see themselves feeling less happy.

One of the questions asked is why? “Why as soon as that first snow hits the ground do I start feeling sad?” Maddie went on to talk with us about her experience with the winter blues.

“I love the sunshine. I think that's why I get so sad when winter rolls around. Something that makes me so happy is just not there anymore.” This is about the same response we got from a lot of Snow College Students about the winter blues and seasonal depression. Sunshine gives a boost of vitamin D and can be shown to help boost serotonin levels. This could be a huge contributing factor to Winter's sadness.

When asked about ways to avoid and help get out of seasonal depression, Maddie gave the following advice, “One way I get out of it is to open the blinds. This helps bring in any light I can get. I also love looking back at summer pictures. That I think reminds me that this won’t last forever.”

When searching for tips on avoiding the winter blues, google recommends we get outside, stay active, and stay warm. Maddie also said, “One of the best things to do is cozy up with a blanket and watch a good movie.”

Through talking with Snow College students, we have seen that so many of us struggle with the darkness that comes with winter. Maddie said, “I think a lot of people struggle with it, but don’t feel comfortable talking about it. Just know you’re not the only one. There are a lot of us.”

Badgers, keep your heads up and talk it out with your friends. Watch a good movie, open your blinds, and get outside. “The first signs of spring are going to come, and that's when we can start to feel that sunshine again.” The sunshine is coming.

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