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  • Laura Medrano

Coming Out Celebration

TJ Stanley and Maikol Krohn enjoy hanging out at Coming Out Celebration. Photo Courtesy of Pride Club Instagram

Snow College is full of diversity. Pride Club, along with multiple student organizations such as Residence Life, Diversity and Inclusivity Club, SBOs, Wellness Advocates, and Career Center came together in the plaza to celebrate the Coming Out Celebration and the diversity of students on campus.

National Coming Out Day is celebrated on October 11, but Snow celebrated it on- campus after, on October 19. This brought to campus the celebration of uniqueness and welcomed all students. Shannon Allred, the advisor for Pride Club says, “I'm so grateful for the support campus showed our LGBTQ+ students. There's a lot of misinformation about why we celebrate Coming Out Day.”. She later talks about why it is important to let students know they are seen and appreciated, “In giving students the opportunity to celebrate who they are, we are showing them that they matter and that they are supported, which potentially improves mental health on campus. We love our LGBTQ+ students and the vibrant color they bring to Snow College.”

Snow’s Pride Club doesn't just welcome LGBTQ+ students, they welcome allies and those that wish to learn more about the community. Being able to see a lot of student organizations celebrating the LGBTQ+ students lets the community know everyone on campus supports and sees them. Kaelon Verde, a member of Pride Club when asked about the importance of having a Pride Club says, “We are not scared to feel how we feel because the people around us are also as bright and open as we are. We appreciate them and what they stand for.”

Celebrating LGBTQ+ students is important because they are empowering them to reclaim the rights and freedoms they are denied, and the public space they often feel excluded from. Visibility is crucial to fighting shame and social stigma, marching in the face of threats and violence.

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