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  • Sandra Cox

Debating the Productivity of Affirmative Action

From left to right: Carter Young, Brooklyn Atkinson, Gissell Avalos, Lexi Good, and Jennifer Maldonado Molina, come together by embracing their diversity. Photo by Marylee Giddings.

Affirmative action; is a process put in place to ensure diversity on college campuses. Yet some people are arguing it has a negative and unfair effect on college admissions. Affirmative action is the act in which colleges take a look at not only your qualifications but your race, sex, etc. when going through the admissions process.

The moral reasoning behind it seems to be ethically appropriate, in an attempt to grow diversity. Although, some may argue it is quite the opposite of anti-racism. This is because of some less looked-at groups which affirmative action is impacting. For example, statistics show that the rate which Asian-Americans are accepted into these colleges is very low, and this is solely because of their race.

Due to of circumstances like these, many negative effects of Affirmative action are being brought to light; it has been taken to the supreme court to see if the policy should be ended once and for all. Ellie Anderson, a student here at Snow College who is a strong believer in ending Affirmative action, said the following, “It’s demeaning to minorities… and promotes racism making it easier for a White male to get into a college over an Asian woman.”

Cases such as this have been brought to the supreme court's attention and to the surprise of many, the court made up of a more diverse group than ever, seems to be arguing against it. Through five hours of back-and-forth heated conversation, it seemed Affirmative action might not be necessary. Though people like the Biden administration are arguing we need this to strengthen the diversity of our college campuses. The Ethical dilemma on the table seems to be if college admissions should be solely based on qualifications, or if there is more to it than that.

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