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Find Balance in College Relationships

Snow College students Benjamin Vance and Raegann McCurdy at couples photoshoot. Photo By Tayler Poulson.

“Relationships in college are tricky. You have to find a balance between love, school, friends, work, and so many other things.” This was Savanah Orgills first thought when asked about relationships while in college. Many students struggle to find this balance. The campus of Snow College had a lot to say and was full of tips and tricks. Here are some of the ideas students had to offer on how to balance their schooling and relationships.

Chad Lewis, a student here at Snow college has been in a relationship while also in school for over a year now. He said, “I don't feel like a relationship and school are antagonistic to each other.” Chad went on to talk about how it doesn't have to be either a healthy relationship or good grades. “I don’t think I’ve ever thought, I could hang out with my girlfriend, or I could do my homework.”

Lewis says that one thing he and his girlfriend do is make sure they get all their homework done before the weekend so they know they will have that time together. He also said, “School is important but if your end goal is getting married I think it trumps all that.”

Another student, Kaela Brough, is a little newer to the balancing act of relationships and school. Brough said, “I think just making sure you’re both putting in effort and communicating. Communication can go a long way.” She feels that a college relationship does require extra effort, but it is worth it. “It’s a matter of getting your priorities straight.”

In regard to homework and study time, Brough’s ideas fall similar to Lewis's. She thinks it is not a matter of which students choose, but a matter of how to do them both. She said, “Every day I set a time slot aside to make sure I get my homework done and I never skip it. Even if that means I’m getting assignments done in advance.”

Overall both students had positive views of college relationships. Both were open about it being hard and requiring more out of them, but both were also open about it being worth it to them.

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