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  • Sawer Radke

Meet Snow’s Magic Professor

Professor Cross captivates his students in the classroom through his magic tricks. Photo courtesy of

Professor Mike Cross has engaging lectures and demonstrates magic in his classes. He makes sure his students are as passionate as he is about chemistry and science. Professor Cross mainly teaches chemistry. He has impacted his students’ lives. Starting the new Forensic Science class, he can share his love and knowledge of the course. Mike Cross has been teaching for over 11 years and has been teaching for Snow College for about two years now and loves it. When asked what he enjoys most about Snow College, Professor Cross says he got into magic because he “was worried that someone would ask him a question and he would not know the answer so that he could distract the students with a magic trick. He is not worried about it anymore but still loves his magic.” He makes classes engaging and interactive, with a house point system, students are encouraged to participate and interact in class. People can become very competitive in trying to win points for their group. While talking to many of Professor Cross’s students, they all recommended taking one of his classes, many say he will make students passionate and interested in science. Thomas Yardley says, “I didn't realize how much I could like forensic science until I got into Cross’s class, and now I am enjoying all the new things we have learned about, and plus, the magic tricks are pretty sick.” Cross thinks it is pretty fun that forensic science combines chemistry with some biology and a few other sciences and then applies it to real-life cases. Having those fun teachers and bonding moments here at Snow makes Badgers’ experiences so much better. It's nice to have teachers like Mike Cross who make that happen.

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