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  • Sadie Cox

Zach the IVC Guy

Zach shows his positivity while working his new job. Photo by Sadie Cox.

Zach Wall is an IVC staff member here at Snow, he started as a facilitator, he started to realize he loved it so much here that he decided to just fully work here while his wife was doing this nursing program. A job position opened up and he jumped into work and has been here for three years. His favorite thing about Snow is the people, saying that they are always so nice here. Everytime he thinks of Snow, he thinks about all the opportunities that Snow College provides for both students and faculty. He is always riding his one wheel, he says he got tired of driving everywhere since Ephraim is such a small town. Zach has been married for five years to his wife Maddie.

Many people believe that Zach has a great talent for talking with people and problem solving the IVC system. Sandra Cox, an IVC Professor, said “I love Zach, our joke is that I will break things and he will fix them.” Cox went on to explain that Zach is a very hard worker, and she appreciates the time and effort he puts into making the IVC system work so well.

Students have also noticed that he is friendly and makes contact with students. Anna Mower, a student at Snow College, said “Zach is always friendly as I walk into the IVC classroom. He makes me want a one wheel balance board like his.”

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