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  • Emma Holmgren

Five Romantic Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

Lance Burrell and Lauren Thalman go up Ephraim Canyon for some cute pictures for Valentines Day! They celebrated early, by Lance paying $.25 for a kiss! Photo by Brooklyn Bancroft.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, check out these thoughtful date ideas to show care and creativity. Coming up with date ideas on a budget in Ephraim is tricky, but the suggestions below are sure to be fun and easy.

A classic date idea is to put together a Bob Ross painting night. How easy is that? Pull up a YouTube video, paint supplies, and voila: romance and a man with an afro.

Another suggestion is to dive into partner yoga and meditation. Now is the time to try out those crazy two-person poses. Start with beginner poses or go for something more adventurous.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, so switch it up and do something a little unconventional: volunteer. Find local organizations to volunteer for, such as the Sanpete Pantry or the Resource Clothing Bank. Or search for other volunteer opportunities online, like putting together care packages for people who need a little extra love this Valentine’s Day.

Relationship therapist Dr. Diana Wiley said, “Valentine’s Day is a day to focus on love, and an excellent way to connect in a deeper and meaningful way.” Service brings people together.

Serve each other with a spa day. This idea can be simple or complex. The only essentials are nice-smelling lotion, face masks, chill music, cucumber slices…and chocolate. No one can say no to chocolate.

While Badgers are at it,they can cook or bake something new together. Even cooking novices can have fun with this; nothing says romance like accidentally adding too much flour. Take it to the next level and make breakfast in bed. A couple of waffles and some fruit can really brighten someone’s day.

Snow college student Daniel Sevilla shared his opinion, “Sharing food with someone, especially if it’s something you enjoy, is a sign of actually caring for the other, so food can improve the mood and affect love or the relationship by bringing joy and a sense of accomplishment to both parties.” Sevilla points out that happiness and satisfaction are at the root of the romantic moment.

Single or not, planning a date can be stressful, but find gratification and fulfillment in the process by picking one of these affordable and local ideas to help out. Good luck and happy Valentine’s Day.

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