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  • Laura Medrano

Golden Badgers: Celebrating 50 Years

With homecoming approaching, there are a lot of events Snow students and Alumni are looking forward to. Golden Badgers celebrates those that graduated 50 or more years ago. Each year, the Golden Badgers Reunion is held on the Snow College Ephraim Campus.

This year we will be celebrating the class of ’72, along with those that graduated before. Golden Badger attendees will be able to enjoy a delicious lunch, live music by Snow College students, a campus tour, a private planetarium show, an honorary Golden Badger pin, and a VIP football game pass.

The Class of 1972 has so many good memories and highlights, Floyd S. Holm was the 10th president of Snow College. The chess club was officially created in 1971, giving the graduates of ’72 the exclusive experience of being some of the first members. The Badger basketball team returned triumphant with a seven-win, five-loss record after their 12-game trip to Mexico, playing against the University of Chihuahua, the University of Guadalajara, the Monterrey Tech, among many other schools. The Badger team won the Olympic bronze medal and won the national championship in Mexico for the third year.

Snow College Sophomore, Dorian Cottle says that “it’s important to learn from past generations of students. I think all Snow College students should know and be interested in the history of the college.”. As Cottle said, Snow Alumni can teach us a lot; we can learn about traditions or fun facts about the College. Freshman Hanna Evans says “I wish I could learn and get to know more past Snow generations; I think they can teach us a lot about life and how to enjoy it and how to enjoy college.”

Celebrating and knowing past generations of Snow Alumni gives us a new perspective and teaches us things that we couldn’t learn in the classroom. Being able to enjoy and celebrate with alumni, like when we do for homecoming, lets us get to know our school and its history better.

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