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  • Sandra Cox

Highlight on Snow TV

Snow TV Radio poster. Photo by Carter Young.


Snow College is filled with great sports, events, and performances, and Snow TV is the school department that captures it for people at home. Snow TV is the broadcasting network for the school. Some of their works include football games and the radio channel.

The professor over SnowTV is Gary Chidester. He teaches TV Production, Radio Production, and Photojournalism. He has spent many years working within this field and has Bachelours in Broadcasting from Weber State.

Snow TV is open to anyone who wishes to join and commit to the network. The president of SnowTV is Jack Huckaby. He desires to go into this field and joined his freshman year. At first he didn’t know much but by the end, he could handle all the steps of broadcasting. Jack has said, “Snow TV has been a great value to me. It’s helped me have opportunities every day to do work in my desired field multiple times a week.” That means whoever it may be, can join and learn these skills through hands-on experience and within the classroom.

The members of SnowTV get access behind the scenes of all your favorite sporting events. They film and steam events for everyone to watch. On top of the stands, the broadcasters work endlessly to provide their best work and content for members of the community.

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