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How Big of an Influence Does Hair Color Have?

Does the color of the hair reflect the color of the soul? Should the color the of hair be used to judge the soul? Or does hair simply exist to be hair? Photo by Milagros Zanatelli

Snow College has a variety of students that differ from one another for numerous reasons, and one difference is hair color. An anonymous survey was conducted at Snow that questioned hair color and the effects it has, along with preference in and experience with hair color.

The first question on the survey asked students which they prefer; natural or unique hair color. The vast majority of answers were in favor of natural hair color rather than unique hair colors with 93.3% for natural and only 6.7% for unique.

The second question on the survey had students answer yes or no on whether or not they have dyed their hair before. Cameron Gocken, a natural redhead, was asked if they’ve ever dyed their hair and why, “Yes, I dyed the ends blonde” says Cameron, “ I just wanted to change it up a bit cause I didn’t like the red.” Along with Cameron, 80% of students have also dyed their hair before.

The last question on the survey about hair color and its effects was a bit more split, however. The question was whether or not hair color influences how an individual is treated. Of students' answers, 66.7% said “No” to hair color influencing how they treated someone, while 33.4% of students said “Yes” to hair color having an influence on their opinion.

For some people, hair may not be as much of a concern, but to others it’s a way for them to express themselves physically. Student Halley Nelson was asked if they could change their hair in any way, to which she replied, “I would make it longer. It used to be super long in middle school… I would love it if it could be that long again.”

As humans, we have found numerous different ways to express ourselves, and that includes changing the color of our hair. No matter the color of hair, there is always a place where each student at Snow College belongs.

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